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My sweet, sweet Georgy Porgy Puddin Pie came to us actually by a fluke. I adopted his sister, Graci, 2 days prior to meeting Georgy at the PBC Animal Control Kill Shelter. The day I met Graci, I saw her twin brother who was in a separate holding cage, but I did not consider adopting him also, at that time. A few days later, after I picked up Graci and brough her home, I couldn’t stop thinking of her little brother, and I decided to go back to the shelter to get him. But I was disappointed to learn that he had been adopted already. BUT, the lady said, Graci has another little brother who came in with that pack. So, of course, I was interested.

So I was introduced to this little guy here, who is NOT Graci’s twin, but he is her brother. He was so shy, and the lady expressed her concern that he might be hard to rehome because he was so shy and stand-offish. Indeed he was not very interested in me, but he was so cute, I wanted him to have a good home. So I adopted him, too. He was neutered and I picked him up a few days later, and he fell right into the groove with all the others, even though they were all girls.

Georgy quickly latched onto me, after coming home. He would have nothing to do with Johnny or anyone else. Only me. And that’s how we became best buddies. Georgy followed me, literally, everywhere I went. He was always right next to me on the sofa or bed, or right next to my feet, following me around everywhere. He loved me, but he was very stingy with his kisses. It took a while, but he finally reached a point where he would let me kiss him, but he would never kiss me back. So funny.

Georgy was 5yrs old when he came to us. And he was only 8 when we lost him. I really thought he was going to live much longer. But he didn’t. Rest In Peace, my precious, sweet little boy. You are still with me every minute of every day. I love you always and forever.

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