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Gena Lolabridgida was a year old when abandoned at a local no-kill shelter which published her photo and story on their website. Johnny and I had 3 dogs, and had been talking about adopting a little Italian Greyhound. My colleague at work first saw Gena online and rushed into my office saying “Look what I found for you!” After seeing Gena’s story, I called the shelter immediately and asked them to hold her for me, that I would be there on my lunch hour to pick her up.

I took lunch an hour early to go there. She was in a mobile shelter, sitting calmly in her little cage, with her front legs crossed (her trademark), waiting for me. Johnny met me there so that he could take her back home, while I returned to the office to finish the day.

We fell in love with Gena immediately, she was such a sweetheart, loving and fun, easy-going. At the shelter, we learned about her “condition” of epilepsy seizures that affect her from time to time. In fact, that is why she ended up at the shelter — her first human could not handle her problem. But we took her to our great vet and got her the care she needed so that she had a long and wonderful life with us, and with her sisters, who she loved so much, too.

Our Gena girl was 13 yrs old when she finally succumbed to her epilepsy seizure, and she died in my arms when we were rushing her to the vet. My dearest Gena girl. I will love you forever. R.I.P.

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